About Me

The last five years (2010-2015) I taught, things really changed. I had been keeping a grade book, holding conferences, attending meetings, referring children for special services, filling out all kinds of paperwork, and assigning grades for progress reports. Evaluations were stressful but well planned. No surprises.

In my last few years of teaching I began to really listen to what teachers were saying. When speaking after school or when together away from school, teachers would often voice frustrations and concerns. Teachers were frustrated about how they had to spend hundreds of dollars to pay for necessary classroom items; the school allowed each teacher to spend $200 per classroom. Teachers were made to feel like failures when their classroom data wasn’t where it should’ve been or was shown at the bottom of a district list. At the end of the year, semester, quarter, week, or even at the end of the day; teachers are worn out! I often stayed till 10 o’clock at night, get home, eat something, shower, & get straight to bed. I’d be doing the same thing the next day & never seemed to be able to just relax.

That’s why I’m blogging. I’m blogging because I want to offer whatever I can to relieve the stress, to brighten the moods, to allow you to take time just for yourself. I don’t want anyone to leave teaching because they are just too stressed to take it anymore. I don’t want anyone to not feel their absolute happiest when arriving to school each day.