Calendar Confusion

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I wonder if I will always think that each year begins in mid-August? I still feel as if the year begins about the second week of August & that other New Year people celebrate is just a mid-term celebration. I look for new calendars in July and am always disappointed when they don’t start until January 1. Fortunately, I’ve discovered 18-month calendars and that has really solved this calendar confusion.

One year I had a New Year’s celebration with a 3rd grade class. We made resolutions, or in other words set goals. It did confuse some staff members and a few parents. A few teachers thought the students might be confused when there is another New Year in January. I assured them we’d have a “New Term” celebration then. We also celebrated the Chinese New Year. I think it’s just a great way to get children to look at where they are and set goals for the future. 

Now that I’m retired I still love the feeling of “Back to School” time. Things feel so fresh and new. It’s probably because I’m looking forward to autumn too. I’ve never liked summer. I have many friends still teaching and going through all kinds of profession development and training. I also know that for many of them the panic is on! Not only do they have to attend all these meetings, but they must get their rooms completely ready too. There’s so much planning, learning, and working to do right now.

While my friends are working so hard to begin their new year, I’m planning my new year too. I’m not moving desks around or designing bulletin boards. I think I’ll slowly but surely rearrange furniture, get rid of more things I don’t want or need, do some heavy-duty cleaning, and continue working to develop online businesses. Instead of rushing and worrying that I’ll never get it done on time, I can relax. There is no deadline. There is no one coming over first thing in the morning on August 17th that is expecting anything. It’s just me, & the cats. We are willing to take as long as it needs to take. We are willing to live through those incredibly messy stages. If I’m making progress I feel successful. 

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