“How Are You?”

Should I answer that question honestly?

How many of you no matter what kind of a crappy mood you’re in have responded with, “Great,” “I’m good,” or “Okay.” I did at one time answer honestly and told someone, “I’m just trying to make it through today.” The person who greeted me in passing looked stunned as I just kept walking past. I was walking with a friend and she said, “You’re supposed to say fine or okay. It’s a greeting. No one wants to know how you really feel.” 

I’m sure that is true but sometimes I just want to let people know how I really feel instead of just pretending everything is fantastic. Perhaps I should say something that could have multiple meanings like, “I’m living the dream,” or “Not bad.” Not all dreams are pleasant so that answer is really not an answer. I love the response of “not bad.” It doesn’t mean it’s good, it’s just not bad.

From now on I think when asked, “How are you?” I’ll respond by saying, “You’re the best,” as I quickly pass by. I don’t answer the question and I’ve given them a compliment. 


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