You Are Not Alone

One thing I’m absolutely sure of is that no matter what you are going through, you’re not alone. It’s a proven fact that whatever circumstance you’re going through, someone else is going through it or had gone through it too. That’s way whatever you are experiencing or feeling, you should be able to talk about it with someone.

When you are just not feeling as happy as you’d like to be or when you don’t want to even participate in activities you used to enjoy, it’s time to fix that funk. I tend to dwell on issues making things much worse than they really are. To stop the self-bullying I have to do something that takes my mind completely off whatever happened. The one thing that works best for me is to clean!

I usually play my shuffle list on Pandora, turn it up pretty loud, & clean. During this time time my mind is thinking about where to put things, what to throw away, what to donate, what to recycle, or what to sell. I’m handicapped so I don’t move well & I’m always in some kind of pain. Therefore not only am I thinking about cleaning, I’m thinking, “Man, this hurts!” I’m usually only able to work this hard for an hour or two tops. Believe me, when I stop I’m only thinking about taking a bath & laying down.

Help others out. Tell us your story and what you do to get out of those horrible moods. 

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